Toasted Earth

Goodbag: Christoph Hantschk

July 07, 2021 Michelle Cunningham Season 1 Episode 6
Toasted Earth
Goodbag: Christoph Hantschk
Show Notes

This episode features Christoph Hantschk the founder and CEO of goodbag. Goodbag is a smart, reusable shopping bag that makes it fun and rewarding for people to reuse their bag and allows them to track their own positive impact on the environment in real-time. Every time a customer brings their goodbag to a store they can choose to plant a tree against climate change, clean plastic waste out of the ocean or receive a discount as a reward. 

I hope we are able to not take more than the earth is giving to us, so we can make sure that our generation and future generations can really live in balance with nature.- Christoph

What You Will Learn:

·       [1:03] Christoph on his sustainable upbringing plus how he came up with the reusable bag idea.

·       [3:28] He explains why the goodbag idea is their go-to-market strategy for other actions. 

·       [6:08] How to buy and use the goodbag worldwide plus the impact you make.

·       [9:20] How goodbag provides a unique customer experience as a service.

·       [11:35] Why they chose causes in planting trees and cleaning plastic off the ocean. 

·       [14:31] The screening process they used to choose what organization to support. 

·       [17:15] Christoph on the five sustainable development goals they have at goodbag.

·       [21:34] The efforts to increase the amount of donations made towards goodbag causes.

·       [26:06] Why collecting ocean plastic is way cheaper than planting trees. 

·       [27:18] The different ways that goodbag as a business makes money.   

·       [28:33] The magic of social entrepreneurship - making money while impacting. 

·       [31:38] How they measure their carbon footprint and strive to become carbon neutral/positive. 

·       [36:27] Goodbag’s vision to expand and to continue impacting. 

·       [41:25] Christoph on the importance of balancing innovation and impacting the environment.  

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